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Fernet Branca Digestivo Bitter Amaro Herbal Infusion Liqueur Genuine Argentina Flavor Recipe - ABV 39% (750 ml / 25.4 oz)

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Brand: Branca Fratelli, UPC: 7790290101602

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  • Fernet Branca A Traditional Italian digestivo Made Drom a Secret Mix of Herbs Including Myrrh, Saffron, Chamomile and Gentian
  • So Popular in Argentina That The Brand Built a Second Distillery in Buenos Aires
  • A Shot of Fernet Branca is Often Called The “bartender’s handshake” Because of Its Popularity Among Professional Mixologists
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Bitter since its inception in 1845, Fernet Branca has been produced according to the original recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. The bitters are made from 27 herbs and other ingredients.

Ingredients: Made from 27 herbs and other ingredients; its complete formula is a trade secret. Source have reported its recipe includes chinese rhubarb, aloe ferox (bitter aloe), cinchona, chocolate, quinine and angelica.The Branca Distillery states on its web site that the drink contains "Rhubarb from China, Gentian from France, Galanga from India or from Sri Lanka, (and) Chamomile from Europe of Argentina", as well as linden (tiliae flos), iris, saffron, zedoary, myrrh and cinchona.

How you should drink Fernet Branca

  • -As a shot
  • -On the rocks
  • -1 part Fernet Branca 3 parts Coca-Cola
  • -In cocktails


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Branca Fratelli
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